Seeking Weight Loss Support?

They say “always let your conscious be your guide”, but what if your conscious is telling you to eat an entire pan of brownies? Dieting can be tricky, especially when you do it alone.  It is important to have support when you’re changing your habits.  After doing a little digging I’ve compiled a list of helpful online diet support groups.

  • Diet – Diet Diaries is a supportive community of individuals with like minded goals of becoming healthier. You can choose to start your own diet diary today or just read other’s entries for inspiration.


  • The Diet Exchange (WebMD) – The Diet Exchange is an online support group moderated by WebMD. You can get support, diet tips, meal ideas, and exchange success story on this site.


  • SPARKPeople- SPARKPeople is a unique online diet site. Not only does it offer a support network ,it also offers  personalized diet and fitness plans, a calorie counter, and contact with online dieticians.