Maintaining Your Hair During a Workout

A lot of us Black women don’t want to get our bodies right, because our hair is.  Sweat cause both natural and relaxed hair to kink up.  Hair is volatile, but your body isn’t.  Getting in shape takes commitment so sweat will affect your do.  Follow these 4 easy tips to maintain your hair while working out.

1. Tie it Back

Pulling your hair back into a ponytail will discourage it  from curling up at the roots


After your workout, before you shower, wrap your hair and top it with your favorite silk scarf.

3. Only Use Heat If Absolutely Necessary
If your hair is not the type to cooperate, be sure to mist hair with a nontacky thermal protectant prior to whipping out your flat iron.

4. Succumb to the Curl!

There are plenty of products on the market right now designed to enhance your specific curl pattern.  Thick isn’t just for you body, its also for your hair.