Soda & Pizza Tax

U.S researchers have suggested taxing soda and pizza in an attempt to help reduce obesity in American adults.  They estimated that an 18% tax on pizza and soda could push down calorie intake enough to lower adults average weight loss by 5 lbs /year. 

Sodas are loaded with empty calories that have no nutritional value.  The suggseted tax is desgined to help people think about what they’re drinking before they buy it.  Obesity costs the United States an estimated  $147 billion a year in health care cost.  These new taxes will help cut pounds and dollars off of the U.S.

I’m not a big soda drinker so I think these taxes are a great idea!  We often forget about what we drink throughout the day.  Paying  higher prices for unhealthy drinks will definitely make us more conscious about what we put into our bodies. 

Thats the gist of things but heres the whole story if you want to know more