April is National Pecan Month, who knew??

April is nearly over but I just learned within the hour that its National Pecan Month!

What better way to celebrate, than to highlight the weight loss benefits of pecans!

Contrary to the widely held, but mistaken belief that “nuts are fattening,” several population studies found that as nut consumption increased, body fat actually decreased. Clinical studies have confirmed that conclusion, finding that eating nuts actually resulted in lower weights. One study from Harvard School of Public Health discovered that people following a weight-loss diet that contained 35% of calories from fat, including pecans as a fat source, were able to keep weight off longer than people following a traditionally recommended lower fat diet. With their super nutrition profile and low-carb content, pecans also make a perfect choice for people following low-carb weight-loss plans!

Enjoy those pecans ladies (fresh, NOT in a pie!)