Keepin’ It Real – Black Women & Eating Disorders

Now, we like to keep things pretty light-hearted here at Think N Fit, but this is something which deserves mentioning. After all, fitness isn’t all about the physical body, it’s about maintaining your mental health and managing your emotions as well.

Soooo, eating disorders affect 13-year-old white girls, their self-loathing mothers, and the emaciated idols of People Magazine…. Right?  Well, at least that’s what we’re told – that it’s a white woman’s problem.

In the memoir, “Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat,’’ by Stephanie Covington Armstrong, those assumptions are laid to rest. Tracing her struggle with bulimia, she assesses how aspects of our ethnicity allowed her disease to thrive.

Read it & learn something new, we did!