Sweet Green…or a beautiful nightmare? *Frozen Yogurt*

During these next few hot summer months there are many ways to help you cool down. One way is by indulging yourself with some delicious frozen yogurt, or as I like to call it froyo.  This frozen dessert is made from yogurt, sugar, and diary products.   While many debate whether froyo t is healthier than ice cream, this dessert does offer several healthy incentives.

One major health benefit of frozen yogurt is the probiotic content. Frozen yogurt that contains live  active bacterial cultures promotes better digestion.  Froyo is an excellent source of calcium and it often has lower fat and sugar content than ice cream.

My newly found favorite froyo place is Sweetgreen.  Sweetgreen frozen yogurt has live active culture, is fat-free, and come with three toppings of your choice.  You can choose from between, fruits, chocolate chips, coconut, and numerous other tasty toppings. My favorite combination is mango, coconut, and granola.  This combination is delicious, but don’t take my word for it. Go out and get some froyo for yourself.

Below are some places that sever Froyo.



Mr. Yogato