Healthy Hair, Do Care – The Mayo Test

Since Thick N Fit is about health, I think  that it is very apropos to discuss hair health.  Nearly all African-American women have had one or more hair horror story in their life.  Looking back at photos of myself I’m certain I’ve had more than my fair share.  With so many hair products out there its hard to know what works and what doesn’t.  So I when in doubt resort to Mother Nature and use good ol’ fashion home remedies.

The home remedies that I am testing out today are mayonnaise, egg yolks, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and honey. After looking at numerous remedies on  different websites and consulting with my sister-in-law (she is an habitual user or home hair remedies), these five items appear to be the ones that truly work.

Phase One: Mayonnaise mixed with olive oil and eggs yolk

For my first test I decided to try the mayo treatment. Mayo is used to shine and softness to hair. I added in an egg yolk and some extra virgin olive oil to my mixture since I only had lite mayonnaise in the fridge.  I applied the mixture to my dry hair, working it in from root to tip. After it was evenly applied I covered my hair with clear Saran wrap and let it sit for an hour.

Once my hair was throughly saucy I rinsed it out in the shower.  I noticed that it smelled like mayo (surprise, surprise) but I also noticed it felt softer than usual.  After shampooing my hair about three-time the mayo smell faded away.  In an effort not to reverse the effect of the mayo with the shampoo I condition my hair as normal.

Results:  Drumroll Please……… so did the mayo work.  The answer is yes! Using the mayo mixture on my hair added noticeable shine and bounce to it. I would recommend using this treatment every time you wash your hair to maintain strong, healthy looking hair.   The Mayo treatment is definitely a Hair Do.