Local Food Block Party Provides an Oasis in D.C.’s Food Desert


Reverend Yearwood, President and CEO of Hip Hop Caucus

The Hip Hop Caucus definitely brought the spice to 7th street during their District Flavors: A Local Food Block Party yesterday.  Reverend Lennox Yearwood, President & CEO of the Hip-Hop Caucus, delivered a crowd wrenching speech on the importance of community health, hitting the event’s mission: to uplift our communities, improve health, and revitalize the local economy, right on the nail.

The line-up of guest speakers included: activist and chef Lauren Van Der Pool, Howard University Professor Dr. Eleanor Traylor, activist and HU alumna Kari Fulton, and Bev Eggleston of EcoFriendly Farms.

This free event featured food prepared by some of D.C. most renowned chefs. The menu included organic hot dogs with habenero ketchup, sweet potatoes with applewood smoked bacon and duck, braised kale, and black-eyed peas. SweetGreen Sweetflow mobile was also there providing free sample sized frozen yogurt and their regular sized frozen-yo to participates

While SweetGreen did a fabulous job craving participate’s sweet tooth, perhaps the biggest treat of the event was an amazing performance by one of D.C.’s best hip-hop artists, Tabi Bonney. Bonney and the Beat Your Feet Kings performance was hotter than the haberno ketchup served earlier at the event. Check out some of the performance below.

District Flavor was sponsored by the all of the following: Roadside Organic, Green the Block, 350.org, Live Green, Arganica.com, SweetGreen, Yes Organic, Drink More, A Well-Fed World, CheckTheWeather.net, Deals For Deeds, VG, Tuscarora Cooperative, DC to BC, and Bread for the City (which is where the event was located).

All is not lost if you missed out on the event.  You can still get involved by visiting PowerVote.org.  Pledge to vote November 2 for clean energy jobs and healthy communities. You can do part to help “Fight Urban Food Deserts.”

“Lets come together, let’s fight together. One planet, one voice” – Reverend Lennox Yearwood

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