Don’t Stuff Your Face..Or Do

TURKEY AND STUFFING AND PIE, OH MY!! – Its holiday season so that means delicious food will constantly be thrown your way. Don’t fret you can still enjoy all the good eats and maintain a healthy diet. There are several things you can do to achieve this.

First – Portion control. Instead of grabbing a large plate and piling it sky high, take a smaller plate and fill it up.  One thing that really helps is using a small tupperware container as a guide. Only eat what can fit in the tupperware dish. Portion control allows you to enjoy all the holiday treats without the binge effect.

Second – If you must stuff your face, do it with healthy options. Before your meal, pig out on crudite (chopped veggies), fruit or salad with light dressing (light ranch doesn’t count).  You’ll be able to avoid  the plate pile if you pre-game with healthy food. *Trust me it works.

Third – Tell people that you’re trying to be healthy. Having support is a great way to stick to your diet, what ever it may be. There’s always that one relative who tempts you with delicious morsales, but there’s also those who will support your decision to stick to your diet.

Fourth – Drink water, water works! 2 out of 3 times when you think your hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Carrying around a water bottle during the holiday season will help you avoid mindless munching. If water isn’t your fancy, try flavored water of Crystal Light.

Fifth (& Finally) – Get rid of the leftovers. I know, I know, leftovers are half the holiday fun. But they also are half the holiday guilt. If you are hosting a holiday dinner/party at your house offer leftovers to your guest. If you’re the guest, DONT take any food with you.

Hope these tips are helpful. So remember, don’t stuff your face…or do.