Is Social Media Ruining Relationships?

Is it me or are social networking sites ruining relationships?  The most recent feud that ignited this question was the twitter war between Ciara and 5o cent. These former love birds have been broken up for some time, but it never seemed as though they hated each other until now. Peep the convo below.

Cici and Curtis clearly aren’t playing nice.

So whats the sitch? Twitter provides a platform for people to say what ever they’re thinking or feeling and sometimes people obviously don’t think before they tweet.  Nine times out of 10 people (celebrities at least) either take back what they say or delete the tweet. I’m all for keeping it real, but also think people say things out of frustration/anger/hurt that they normally wouldn’t say if they didn’t have the source.

Another example of this is the Nene and Greg Leaks situation. So it may not be social media, but media did have a large part in their break up. Greg popped off at the mouth out of anger on the radio and now the two are cruising down divorce drive.

Social Media also affects normal people. I don’t know how many times I  use to check my boyfriends FB page. I’d read through his picture comments, look at who was posting on his wall, and pursue through his friends list.  Curiosity, doubt, and FB were the root of many of our arguments.

I also know countless friends, associates, and family members who use FB as a way to check up on their significant other.  I must have witnessed more than 30 FB spats vis statuses and picture comments.  The issue of FB bullying has been brought up on CNN, so clearly this social media site is aiding in the emotion destruction of individuals.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for social media, but I think that is best if we leave our relationships out of the cybersphere. Relationships are already enough work with drama from past lovers, nosey family members,  bitter girlfriends, and individual insecurities.

I’ve only scratched the surface on this issue and I fully intend to further investigate.  But for now I’m saying don’t accept your boo’s friend request.

Heres and article on the issue as well: Facebook and How not to Hurt Your Relationship