Childhood Obesity & A Mothers Role

A study conducted by American University, Cornell University, and University of Chicago found that the more a mother works during their children’s  lifetime the more likely kids are to be overweight or obese.  The job isn’t directly responsible for weight gain, but the study found that busy families rely too much on fast food and frozen dinners instead of preparing healthy meals. This results in accelerated weight gain in children in these households.

So what is a mothers role concerning  childhood obesity?

Historically women have always been the nurtures and providers for the kids in the home.  We feed our kids from birth until they leave the house.  Moms who work often times leave children unsupervised resulting in poor eating habits.

The role of a mother is to encourage healthy habits and lead by example. Don’t expect your child to eat healthy if your  cabinets are filled with cookies, candy, and sugary treats. Almost every kid will choose a Fruit Roll-Up to snack on over an apple.

Healthy snacks don’t have to be bland. Here are some great ideas that are fast, affordable, and delicious for kids of all ages.  Healthy Snacks  for Kids Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids

Encourage your kids to participate in physical activities. After school sports are a great way for kids to socialize while exercising. If your child isn’t into sports make sure that they aren’t spending a majority of their time in front of a screen. If you’re at work when your kid gets home from school try to spent some time with them doing some thing that promotes exercise when you get home like taking a family walk, doing the dishes together, or playing catch.

Mothers play an important role in the health of their children. If your child is struggling with their weight because of poor eating habits or lack of activity try to play an active role in getting them back on track. Lead by example. It is very difficult for a child to eat healthy if all they see is adults making poor eating decisions. The habits that you instill in your children at a young age will carry over into their adult lives, so why not start them on right track right a way.