MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat”

I Used To Be Fat | Ep. 6 | Daria: "When a Daria, a popular dancer moves to Atlanta, the isolation makes her turn to food for comfort."

If you’re not familiar with the show “I Used to Be Fat” I’ll clue in real quick. “I Used to Be Fat” is a show on MTV that follows overweight individuals who want to lose weight.  They are given 84 days to reach their designated weight loss goal. I’ve don’t religiously watch the show but I did manage to watch the entire ‘Daria’ episode.

Daria is a high school graduate who wants to lose 60 lbs before she begins college in the fall. It wasn’t an easy transformation, but Daria perseveres through vigorous workouts and a restricted diet and manages to lose an astonding 40 lbs.

Its always great to see Thick N Fit chicks reaching their goals. YAY Daria!! You’re such an inspiration.