Dying to be BOOTYful

Claudia Aderotimi , a 20 year-old aspiring hip-hop singer from the UK, died yesterday after buttock enhancement surgery.  She paid $1,500 to receive silicone injections  in a Philadelphia hotel room.

Aderotimi had received the injection before but swore she’d never do it again because it was so painful. Perhaps the pressure to be a voluptuous vixen in the hip-hop industry is what motivated her to repeat the procedure.

Black women have long been know for their robust, full-figured body. Sir Mix-A-Lot said it in “Baby Got Back” and the media constantly portrays busty, big-booty, black women as beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with a full figure. Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and J.Lo are three gorgeous women who are all fully endowed, but is obtaining a bigger bottom worth dying for?

Aderotimi is not the first person to die after receiving “Black Market” plastic surgery. Solange Magnano, former Miss Argentina, died in 2009 after complications related to her buttock injections.  Tyra Banks ran a special on the issue a few years ago.

Thousands of women have received ‘black market’ procedures in the hopes of enhancing their looks. Plastic surgery is expensive for a reason. Like with anything, you get what you pay for. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your looks, but make sure that you do your research before allowing someone to cut you up or inject foreign substances into your body.

♥ RIP Claudia ♥ *our prayers are with your family