Biggeset Loser Contestant Gives Health to his Community

I randomly watched “The Biggest Loser” yesterday.  Jesse, a 61 year-old black male from Portland, was voted off.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever I see a black contestant on a show I immediately want them to win. So needless to say, despite the fact that I don’t usually watch “The Biggest Loser” I was sad to see Jesse go.

Jesse was a great motivator on the show and now he is using the knowledge he’s gained in his everyday life.  Like many eliminated Biggest Loser contestant, Jesse continued to lose weight after the show .But one thing that he’s done that is different from other eliminated contests is reaching out to his community in the name of weight loss.  Jesse host a “Walk-N-Talk” every week.   People from all around Portland come together to walk and share experiences.

Many of participants are over-weight or obese, so the “Walk-n-Talk” provides a way for them to exercise in a non-judgemental environment.  Great idea Jesse!!

If more black men were involved in community health I believe health disparities among African-Americans would substantially decrease. What do you think?