How to go H.A.M in the Gym

January 2011 is long gone and so are many of our New Year’s resolutions. The 20 lbs that you were so determined to lose before spring break is still hanging around your tummy.  Don’t fret! You can still have a banging bikini body by summer if you go Hard As A Mother***** in the gym.  How to go H.A.M. you ask? Good question.


First step to going H.A.M. is having heart. When you hit the gym you have to dig deep and find your inner strength. Set goals for yourself every minute of every exercise. Before you even get on the machine set a time goal. Whether it’s a 9 minute mile , running at 7.0 mph for 20 minutes or lifting 3 reps of 15 lb dumbbells, SET A GOAL!  Then when you’re on the treadmill/elliptical/bike/ whatever, make sure you think in the short-term. Get through each minute within an allotted time that will help you accomplish your end goal.


After you get yourself into a routine at the gym, CHANGE IT UP.  If you can run a 9 minute-mile without breaking a sweat speed up your treadmill or set a new goal. Usain Bolt doesn’t set foot on the track and hope that he runs as fast as he did last meet. He wants to go faster.  So why would you continue to do the same exercises when they come easy to you. Advancement and progression is a natural part of life. Make it a natural part of your workouts as well.

Make Moves

If your workout is not working for you seek professional advice. Personal trainers are a great resource if you want guaranteed results. If your cash flow doesn’t permit funds for this luxury then do your research. Be proactive. There are so many online videos, articles, and professionals that can give you the tools you need to reach your desired physique. ExercisTV , WorkOutz, and FitnessMag all have great online workout videos. Also, try a group fitness class. Instructors are knowledgeable about fitness and if you form a relationship with them often times they are happy to offer you workout tips (for FREE!)

If you need a reminder of how to go H.A.M while at the gym  add the new Kanye West/ Jay-Z joint to your i-pod as a reminder.  Peep the song below.