Where is the Love ? Basketball Wives Reunion Recap


Last night VH1 aired the second half of ” Basketball Wives Reunion” . After viewing the show all I have to say is “Where is the Love”. The second season was packed with drama, drama, drama, so naturally so was the reunion.

Part 1 of the reunion discussed Jennifer’s divorces, beef between Tami and Jen regarding food stamps, and the highlight of the episode was the rehashing of drama between Evelyn and Tami.  Evelyn divulged that she slept with Tami’s husband while they were still together on the season last episode.  Since then audiences have been stewing about the status of Tami and Evelyn. Obviously the ladies aren’t friends, but they managed to keep their hands to themselves during the reunion.

Part 2 was less action packed, but some of the season less publicized wives stop by to contribute their two cents.  Suzie, the notorious gossip, was pardon by Evelyn for past sins she committed against her. She also had to endure a mouthful from Tami. Ashley, Rafer Alston’s baby mama / girlfriend, graced us with her presence. And Gloria discussed life in L.A and her postpone nuptial.

Shout out to John Salley for calling out all of the women on their behavior  They claim to be ladies and say “keep it classy” yet act like middle school girls.  I love drama. I love entertainment, but this ish is embarrassing. Half of the ladies aren’t wives and the other half aren’t happy. Glad their making their claim to fame, but I wish that they could bring an ounce of positivity to the show.