Gleek Like Me! All the Original Songs From Glee

Tuesday’s episode of “Glee” was M-A-Zing! New Directions finally goes to Regionals (AND WINS!!) . Normally the show features songs by famous artist, but this episode featured original songs from the show. I loved all of the songs,  but my favorite was “Hell to the No” sung by Mercedes (Amber Riley). This song is sassy with a double shot of diva. Perfect for Mercedes!

Santana (Naya Rivera) performed an original number  called “Trouty Mouth” dedicated to none other than her luscious-lipped boyfriend, Sam played by Chord Overstreet. The lyrics to “Trouty Mouth” were a little offensive (to Sam), but the melody of the song was sultry and Sanatan’s smoky tone added appeal.

Glee clubs notorious bad boy, Puckman, performed his original jam, “Big Ass…. Heart” in honor of his relatively new boo, Lauren Zizes. The song has a pop-rock feel. Definitely I-tunes worthy!

The last two original songs were the ones that New Directions performed for the Regionals competition. “Loser Like Me” is a fun song that turns the word loser into a positive thing.  The lyrics to the song were inspired  by the treatment Sue Sylvester, the Glee Clubs nemesis, bestowed on many of the members.

Lastly, Rachel Barry (Lea Michele) performed “Get it Right”. This heartfelt song is fueled by Rachel’s love for Finn and her realization that she may never have the opportunity to be with him again. Prepare yourself, you might shed a few tears listening to this.