Are you a Food Addict?

Rachel Ray discussed an uber important topic today: Could You be A Food Addict? 2/3 of Americans are overweight, but perhaps the reason isn’t simply overeating.

Everyone knows that cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs are highly addictive, but according to Dr. Mike Dow, psychotherapists and addiction recovery expert, food can be just as addictive.

Is there one food you eat every day? Have you been unable to quit this food, and do you panic if you know this food may not be available to you? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have an addiction to food.

Think you might be addicted. Take this quiz to find out.

There are many resources available to you if you are a food addict or if you’re heading down addiction drive. Like all addictions, a food addiction is  both physiological and psychological.  Since there is more to food addiction then lack of discipline getting professional help is advised.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous , and  Food Addicts Anonymous are two websites that offer support for food addiction.