Another Health Disparity Found Among Black Women

Hey Ladies, here’s another disparity to add to the rapidly growing gap in health between Blacks and Whites in the United States. According to recent statistics and the Seattle Medium, Black women die nearly four times the rate of Whites due to pregnancy complications. The reason for this alarming stat is unknown, but Dr. William M. Callaghan, the acting Chief of Maternity and Infant Health at the CDC, presents several factors that may contribute to this fact.

Lack of paternal care, pre-existing health conditions, poverty, age, and obesity all are risk factors that add to pregnancy related deaths.  While Researchers, Doctors, Midwives, and Academics agree that  all of the listed factors contribute to pregnancy related deaths, they don’t discriminate due to ethnicity. Basically if a woman is subjected to one or more of theses conditions she is at a higher risk for complications or death regardless of her race.

So why are Black women dying at a higher rate?  Science doesn’t have the answer to this question yet, but I think health care disparities, cultural competence, and just plain discrimination might play a major role. I’m not a Researcher, Doctor, Midwife, or Academic, but I have been to the hospital and seen different treatment of patents based on their socio-economic background, behavior and race.

“I’m Just Sayin”