Why Aren’t There More “Black Health” Publications?

One of the things I always keep in mind when writing a blog post are current events. Like any good website/blog/what have you, talking about what’s current is important to keep people interested. So today, in an effort to brush up on what’s going on in the black health world, I perused the net to find out the 411.

To my surprise many of the articles and website I encountered offered little or no black health advice at all. In fact, many of the major Black publications like Ebony, Essence, The Source, and Heart &  Soul had less than 4 post regarding health.  With all of the health disparities in the Black community I’m shocked that these major publications aren’t making a bigger effort to inform their communities.

I am even more surprised that there aren’t more blogs dedicated to this topic. Newsflash: Blogging is FREE. Yes it require effort, research, and the initial interest, but sharing health tips is easy. You don’t need to be a doctor, trainer, or health professional to know how to live healthy.

There are plenty of articles and study that discuss obesity in the African-American community, yet there are only a handful of articles that offer health tips to combat these facts.  Yes there are magazines like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, and Self that have hundreds of articles discussing general health issues. But how many of these magazines have specific articles dealing with Black issues? And, no, having a Black celebrity on the cover once a year doesn’t cover it.

So what’s a Black person to do when they want to know what exercises work best for their body type or what healthy foods actually taste good and are affordable?  Why should finding health-tips geared towards an African-American audience be harder than finding a needle in a haystack?

Just some “Food for Thought” .

But enough with my rant. Here is a list of some blogs that offer Black health advice.

  1. Nubian Fitness Goddess
  2. Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss
  3. Savvy Brown Blog
  4. Live Life! Live Healthy
  5. Black Fitness Blog