Adding Soul to Superfood

Superfoods can be super boring, super bland, and super gross. But they offer super benefits that cause people to ignore these facts and swallow them whole (literally).

Eating healthy shouldn’t painful. So here are several ways to add soul to superfoods to make them taste (super) delicious.

Combined Them

Berries and yogurt are two superfoods that taste okay by themselves, but if you combined them you have tasty treat suitable for breakfast, lunch, or even a snack. If you want to get jazzy add dark chocolate in the mix and you’ll have a sweet dessert option on hand. FYI dark chocolate is full of antioxidants  and great for your heart. You know what they say, ” the blacker the… oh wait that’s berries”, but it should be applied to chocolate as well.

Seasoning Makes A Difference

We’ve all gone out to a restaurant, ordered the salmon, and been less than impressed by the watery, tasteless, cube of fish we just consumed. Seasoning can make or break any food. The key to adding flavor w/o adding calories/salt/or other bad things is using fresh ingredients like lemon, lime, basil, mint, cilantro, and rosemary.  These ingredients are packed with flavor and can turn the most tasteless dish into a five-star entrée.

Check out some of these mouth-watering recipes

Grilled Salmon

Herb Quinoa

Lemon Cilantro Shrimp

Veg OUT!

Don’t sleep on veggies. They have soul too. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, and beans are three superfoods that are used in countless (soul food)  recipes.  The key to giving veggies soul is switching up your cooking technique. Veggies can be streamed, broiled, barbecued, baked, roasted, and sautéed. Basically it you can do it to meat, you can do it to veggies. If you want to give you veggies more soul than Anthony Hamilton, then use the other two tips and they will be singing Charlene in no time.

Superfood can be implemented into your everyday diet. They offer outstanding health benefits. Heres a list of 9 Superfoods ( in addition to the ones already listed) that can easily be added into your daily life.

  1. Oats
  2. Nuts
  3. Eggs
  4. Kiwi
  5. Berries
  6. Turkey
  7. Avocado
  8. Oranges
  9. Apricots