3 Reasons Why Keeping a Food Journal is Important

I’m sure we all are familiar with the concept of a food journal. If not, here’s a quick break down. A food journal is a documentation that lists everything you’ve eaten throughout the day. Some going into great detail by listing serving size, calories, total fat, & sodium and other simply list the food. Regardless of how its done, having a food journal is essential for healthy living and even more important is weight loss is the goal.  Read on to discover 3 reasons why keeping a food journal is important

It keeps you in check

Our daily lives are busy.  Sometime eating healthy or eating at all isn’t the priority. Logging what you eat helps keep your awareness in check. Its no longer about “Did I get my daily supply of fruit?” but its simply is I did, or I didn’t. A food journal keeps you in check about what you ate, when you ate it, and answers the question “should I have eaten it?”

Tracks progress

When your not used to eating healthy, healthy food sucks.  Our bodies are so used to high levels of sugar that its only natural to crave candy, cookies, and all sweet treats in between. But once you’ve reprogrammed your body to actually like healthy food, a food journal is there as physical reminder of the progress you’ve made. Week 1 of your journal might list 1 veggie serving in a day and week 5 might list 7.  Becoming healthy is a process and a food journal lists your progress.

Helps Get You into a Routine

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. Neither is easy at first, but after you get into the swing of things hitting the gym is a natural part of your day. Likewise, logging what you eat isn’t easy at first, but after you get used to it, it becomes part of your natural order. Routines help integrate healthy habits into your daily life through repetition.

Want to start a food journal? Here are some great template and resources:

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Calorie Counter – Online Food Journal – for all of my tech savvy sistas!!

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Now get loggin ladies 🙂