Easter Alert: Moderation or Bust

Why are marketing tactics so damn effective? The minute April roles around, I start craving jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.  Easter is upon us and that means aside from church ( which is the main reason for the holiday) little children will be dressed in their Sunday’s best chowing down on every colorful, sugary concoction imaginable

I’m not one of those ALL of nothing types. Mostly because its not practical. How many of use can say I haven’t indulged myself in a not-so-healthy snack in the last several months. Unless your some kind of saint, I’m fairly certain we all have our weakness. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little sugar ( speaking of actually sugar, but the other kinds cool as well), but its all about moderation. Yes, that evil word.

Moderation is the key this Easter. If you’re a sugar addict like me decide how much candy you’re going to eat before you even stick your hand into the Easter basket. Is far too easy to keep saying, “just one more” but If you consciously tell yourself “I’m only eating three Resses Pieces cups” it makes moderation a lot easier. Also, write down everything you consume. Tracking what you eat is a good reminder to yourself. It lets you know if you can have more candy and it also helps you realize when to stop.

If you’re a soul food junkie and you know that your grandma’s about to throw down in the kitchen,  eat before you arrive. If you can’t eat before visiting grandma make sure you have some gum to chew on to avoid eating while preparing the food and to keep something other than food in your mouth.  Gum ain’t your fix? Try sucking on mints, drinking water, or munching of crudite.

Easter is a fabulous holiday and you should by no means ruin it by being consumed with your diet. Instead implement these tips and I guarantee you’ll have the best of both worlds:: A happy palette, and a non-expanding waistline.