Ya Don’t Shea

Black people having been using Shea Butter for the longest. We  buy it on the street, at the beauty supply store, and at the swap meet. Shea Butter has the ability to transform dry , itchy skin into a moisturized, glowing wonder.

Mainstream brand recently discovered the magical powers of shea butter.  St. Ives , Nivea, Vasaline, and Jergens all have shea butter lotion or lotions with hints shea butter in them.  While its great to see that shea butter is becoming more popular, theses brand tend to dilute it with water and other chemicals that cause it to be less effective.

I’ve used all of the above brand’s shea butter lotions and none of them work as well as the stuff that I  buy off of the street.  100 % natural shea butter is hard ,  either yellow or white, and the smell isn’t the most pleasant, but it works! The smells not such big of a deal though. Just sprits yourself with a little  perfume or body spray  after you’ve applied the shea butter and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Shea butter is a multipurpose product. Some of its benefits include: treatment for eczema & minor burns, pain relief from swelling & arthritis, improves muscle relaxation, treats dark spot/ skin discoloration / stretch marks / wrinkles / and blemishes, acts as a hair conditioner, and also can be used as a sunscreen.

Treat your skins to 100% natural shea butter and I promise you’ll never go back to the bigger brands again.