Laila Ali’s Get Fit Challenge

Former professional boxer, Laila Ali, has started a new diet and fitness routine to lose 25lb-35lb after giving birth to her daughter, Sydney, a month ago.

Ali is taking her weight lose serious and will be tracking everything she eats, sharing cooking tips, and posting her workouts online via Facebook. She also will be on Facebook chat for an hour every Sunday to talk with fans and those interested in her progress.

Not sure about you, but I’m definitely interested in learning how she’ll get her amazing, toned, figure back. It’ll also be interesting to see how long her transformation will take.

To get other people involved in her “Get Fit” campaign Ali says that three winners who actively participate will be selected. The contest criteria, prizes, and awards haven’t been announced yet but they should be posted on Ali’s Facebook page soon.

Check out the personal message from Ms. Ali herself. (Below)

 A little picture motivation. This is Laila Ali before she got knocked-up. TKO! If I do say so myself.