Style Network’s Suncreen PSA : Yes African Americans Need Sunscreen Too

The Style Network recently released a skin cancer PSA featuring a group of female celebrities including three African Americans: Brandy, Tatyana Ali, and Temptest Bledsoe (Vanessa from the Cosby Show) . The announcement compared leaving the housing without sunscreen to leaving the house without clothes on- don’t let it happen

Skin cancer is often associated with Caucasians and other low-melinin ethnicities. While incidents of skin cancers are 10 times higher among Whites, African Americans who do contract Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, have a far lower survival rates than Whites – according to a study by the University of Michigan.  The study also found that 63% of African American adults have never used sunscreen .

African American have a natural SPF built into their skin, but that doesn’t mean sunscreen isn’t needed. Dermatoligist and other medical professionals suggest that African Americans wear at least SPF 15 whenever going outside. Since African American come in as many colors as the rainbow, the SPF number differs according their complexion. To find out what coverage your skin type needs visit:

Also, there are several things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a sunscreen for African American skin

  1. Avoid  sunscreens containing zinc or titanium dioxide. Both these chemicals leave a white cast on the skin.
  2. If you plan on swimming or sweating, choose a water-proof sunscreen.
  3. Always use SPF 15 or higher depending on your skin type
  4. Use a  sunscreen that contains avobenzone, moisturizer, to keep skin vibrant.
Here are some sunscreens that fit the bill. —> ***psst. moisturizers with SPF work great on dark skin.