Six Pack is Back!!

As some of you know this past winter I broke my foot. Well torn my Lisfranc, had to have 2 surgeries, be on crutches for 8 weeks, and wear a fugly-rocking boot for 6 weeks to be exact. Yeah, not fun. Needless to say my injury limited and sometimes stop me from working out all together.

I’m no body builder,but I’ve always prided myself on maintaining a semi-athletic looking physique. So naturally when I stop working out my body wasted no time shedding muscle.  I wasn’t devestated because I knew that there are much worse things that can happen in life.

Once I recovered from my injury hitting the gym was definitley on my mind. I hadn’t had a hard core work out since late 2010 and my body was itching to be pushed. While my mind was telling me yes, my bum foot told me HELL NO.

While I was off crutches and no longer had to wear that dreadful boot,  the muscles in my foot apparently diminished along with all of the other muscles.  Who knew that foot musceles were that important.  So after consulting with my podiatrist I began exercises that involved limited pressure on my feet. Biking, elliptical, yoga, and core exercises all provided me with an awesome workout.

So 6 month after tearing my Lisfranc, losing tons of body muscle, and revamping my workout….. my six pack is finally back. Say it loud ” I gotta six pack and I’m proud”

I’m not one to brag, but as you can probably tell my journey to getting fabulous abs is far from the normal story.

Here’s the video that I modeled my core workout after