From London with Love: How the Olympics Inspired Us.

This years Olympic has been one of the most exciting event in world history: countless records have been broken, hundreds of dreams have been fulfilled, and  thousands of spirits have been lifted.  I’m not only speaking of the athletes who participated, but I am referencing the coaches who put in years of training, parents who drove their child to practice despite other obligations, friends who supported athletes when they were at their worst, and loyal viewers who DVR’d every Olympic event (even the obscure sports like the Run/Walk).

This years Olympics was of epic proportion.  Not only did the first Paralympian compete in an Olympic event, but the first Saudi Arabian woman  was allowed to run in a track & field event and it was the first time that women’s boxing was included in the Olympic games.

The Olympics has a funny way of not only unifying friends, families, and countries; but it has a way of unifying the world.  This sports event that come around once every 4 years allows people from different cultures, countries, and regions of the world to share a common ground. The Olympics is perhaps that greatest example of the impact that sports can play.

While we are not all Olympic level athletes, we can still participate in competition that promotes comradery and unite people of various backgrounds. For this very reason the founders of Thick N Fit will be participating in a 10K run.  Although it’s no Olympics we’ll still be sharing out training regiment, diet, and running tips-n-tricks.

We had hope to come back with a bang, but all the Olympic hoopla has caused us to jump the gun before our epic comeback and simply… comeback.