Training Day One: Magic Mile

The first thing you should do when training for any race is establish a desired result. For some it winning the race and for others is simply finishing.  Whatever your goal, having an idea of where you start and where you’ll finish is extremly helpful when training.

The ‘Magic Mile’ is a great way to gauge this goals. The mile will help you track improvements, show your progress, and help you set a realistic goal.

On my first day of training I ran my ‘Magic Mile’ at 8:20. 8:20 is my mile time so the split that I’m aiming for during my 5K race should be somewhere in this timeframe. Your Magic Mile time does not always have to be your race split time however it does give you a picture of what time you should aim for.

Running a Magic Mile once a week is a great way to track improvements. Your first Magic Mile is used as a starting point. Ideally you should improve by 20-30 second on each successive Magic Mile.

Regardless of your current fitness level, establishing your starting point is essential in determining your success. Even if you walk the entire mile have that initial time is very important.