fitmixer Photo a Day Challenge

With Fall well under-way memories of warm Summer jogs swiftly fade and are replaced by the thought of cold, dreary days that are to come. Consistently working out is a hard commitement that only becomes harder when you added frigid, wet weather to the mix. But fret not! fitmixer, a nutrional supplement company,  has come up with a challenge that both the fitness ethusiast and narcissit ( we mean this is a good way) can appreciate.

In order to spice up our fitness life we’re taking the fitmixer #photoadayoctober challenge. Ever day in the month of October fitmixer ask participants to take a different fitness centered photo.  These photos are designed to put a little more fun into your fitness routine.

We love the idea and hope to successfully complete the challenge.

Follow our founders, Simone Berry (@_simoneb) and Chelsea Taylor (@cmtaylor625) on Instagrams to see #photoadayoctober pics. Will you be taking the challenge?